Gabriela Fresquez is an actress, television host, and a good-old fashioned rabble-rouser. She has hosted multiple TV shows, including Pivot TV’s Take Part Live, LATV’s nationally syndicated, Latin Nation, the Documentary Channel’s, Doc Talk and web series, Inspira. You’ve seen her starring in over 20 national & regional commercials and making appearance on shows like New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Jane the Virgin and many more. Gabriela would love to become the first UN ambassador to bring nations together through a universally shared love of karaoke, but for now, Hollywood remains her staging ground.

If there is one thing Ms. Fresquez isn’t capable of, it’s holding back her opinion… click here to read full bio

Twitter @GabyFresquez


Gabriela is BACK for the final season of Pretty Little Liars!

Catch Gabriela this Tuesday, June 6th on Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars on FREEFORM at 8pm!

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Catch Gabriela on BULL TONIGHT at 9pm on CBS!

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Gabriela Fresquez to appear on Amazon’s BOSCH & FX’s BASKETS in 2017!

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Just a few of Gabriela’s bookings in 2016!

Look out for Gabriela as she re-joins the cast of Pretty Little Liars on ABC in its final season airing in 2017! Additionally, look for her in Fiat and DirecTV commercials airing nationwide. Also, in case you missed it, catch Gabriela in Season 4, episode 10 of The Fosters now available on Hulu!

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