Gabriela generally avoids temptation, unless she can’t resist it.

Gabriela is a Southern-California native of Mexican, Italian, and Spanish descent but believes that in another life, she was born in Brooklyn. She is the youngest of four children, one brother and two sisters. Her father grew up on a cotton farm in Socorro, Texas and her mother was raised in a small town in Sinaloa, Mexico. She credits her family with giving her just enough love and attention to lead her to career in the entertainment industry without ever feeling the need to shave her head or pose as a centerfold… yet. Gabriela graduated from the prestigious Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California as a Presidential Scholar.

​Pony kisses on the beach in Mexico. My family had a lot of pets growing up so the animals love me. It's what happens when you have a dad who grew up on a farm in Texas.

Pony kisses on the beach in Mexico. I love animals. My dad grew up on a farm. It’s in my blood.

While at USC, Gabriela established herself as a passionate activist. As an advocate for international labor rights, she helped push forth efforts to eliminate the use of collegiate apparel made in sweatshops. She later traveled with fellow USC students to Costa Rica and Ecuador to promote environmental and economic sustainability. She prides herself as being the only member of the group not to get sick on these third-world visits and attributes this good fortune to her numerous visits to Mexico as a child. Shortly after graduation, Gabriela decided that her youthful idealism and vigor could best be used championing for causes at home and decided to move to Canton, Ohio to serve as Canvass Director for Progressive Future, a non-profit organization that promotes progressive values through political campaigns. As director, Gabriela led voter registration drives during the 2008 presidential election. She also spent a great deal of time enjoying the beautiful existence of seasons and adopting a diet consisting solely of fast food.

After working in politics and on behalf of numerous grassroots organizations, Gabriela decided to switch gears by pursuing a career that would truly enable her to change the world, acting! She quickly started working in commercials and short films, but it was only when she began working as a host for Inspira, a web series dedicated to highlighting stories of inspiring Latino leaders, that she felt her voice was finally being heard. Producers at LATV took notice of her work on this web series and offered her a position as a co-host on the nationally syndicated, half-hour TV talk show, Latin Nation.

​A five-year-old me at my childhood home in Lakeview Terrace. I liked to play with my food. Still do. Life is full of unexpected entertainment.

​A five-year-old me at my childhood home in Lakeview Terrace. I liked to play with my food. Still do. Life is full of unexpected entertainment.

Gabriela has since hosted numerous television shows, including “Take Part Live” on Pivot TV and “DocTalk” on the Documentary Channel, and aspires to work as a television host and actress for as long as people will continue to hire her (which she expects will be a long time because Latina women have an abnormally long life expectancy). Gabriela currently resides in Hollywood, CA. She would have preferred to live somewhere more hip like Los Feliz or Silverlake, but Hollywood much less driving and she has incredibly severe road rage—I mean, she wanted to reduce her carbon footprint.

A girl's gotta blow off steam somehow. Yoga's not really for me - plus I just like to hit things. I had to develop my strength at an early age. My sisters are strong!!

A girl’s gotta blow off steam somehow. Plus I just like to hit things. I had to learn how to defend myself from an early age. My siblings are strong.