Why CrossFit Makes Me Feel Sexy

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Say what you will about CrossFitters: We are part of a cult. We talk incessantly about our WODs (workout of the day). We use acronyms to describe almost everything, we are insanely competitive, and our [...]

Feminspire Me, Please.

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Twenty-thirteen was an amazing year for women, and if you need to by reminded of why, just click here: The 25 Best Moments for Women in 2013 I have always been as feisty a feminist [...]

Sex is supposed to be fun. Right, Mom…?

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Sex is supposed to be fun. Right, Mom...? We live in a society that constantly bombards us with highly sexualized images, especially of women, on a daily basis. It's an incredibly disproportionate balance when compared [...]

The Future of Ethnic Minorities on TV? Ambiguous.

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If you are any kind of ethnic minority working in Hollywood, you're used to the usual conversations about how prime time TV and most major motion pictures lack diversity. Well, that's because it's true. We [...]

Social Media: My Virtual Vision Board

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Earlier this year I made a goal sheet about two pages long, divided up into long-term and short-term, with subcategories, dates and color-coding. Ok, I'm a tad type-A. One of these goals included creating a [...]


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So, that happened... now what? If you're anything like me, you're wondering what the HELL is going on in DC? In case, you've been asleep for the last month or so, lemme recap real' quick: 1. Sept. 16: [...]